Since the company started in 1978, we’ve improved it, built on it, expanded it and made it into a truly global organisation.

1978 - We pioneered the airline door-to-door chauffeur service with companies like Virgin Atlantic.

1998 - By popular demand, we responded to the needs of the corporate market and established our extensive international affiliate network.

2002 - We launched the Tristar Premium Service and introduced high touch Roadshow and Events departments.

2006 – We launched our own operation in the USA, head quartered in Boston to satisfy the needs of our transatlantic customers.

2008 – We entered into our first franchise agreement in France, a key European market.

2009 - Looking beyond Europe, and in recognition of the growing importance of the Asian markets in the world economy, Tristar opened an office in Hong Kong.

2010 – We established our own fleet in New York.

2012 - The acquisition of M7 Transportation almost doubles our US footprint and means that over 35 percent of the group business is now generated outside the UK.

2016 – We expanded our reach in Asia Pacific and opened a sales office in Shanghai.