Modern Slavery Statement August 2018

Modern slavery is a form of organised crime in which victims are treated as commodities and exploited for criminal gain. The victims of modern slavery come from all walks of life and can be found all over the globe.

The International Labour Organisation estimates that in 2016 40 million people globally were victims of modern slavery.

The Addison Lee Group (the Group)

The Addison Lee Group (the Group) is Europe’s largest managed car service provider, incorporating Addison Lee and Tristar Worldwide. We are serious about our brand because it’s part of our identity and so is our commitment to corporate social responsibility. We are committed to undertake due care and diligence to ensure that we conduct our business in accordance with our obligations under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA 2015). We recognise that in addition to a legal obligation we have an ethical responsibility to support this Act and endeavour to ensure there are no Modern Slavery risks within our own business or our supply chains. Whilst recognising our obligations to set out the steps we have taken to ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in our supply chains, we acknowledge that we do not control individuals and organisations in our supply chains.

In that spirit, we have published here our annual statement of slavery and human trafficking, made in compliance with section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, in which we explain how slavery and human trafficking can affect our business and the steps we are taking in the fight against it.

Our Company Structure & Vision

Addison Lee was established in 1975 with the belief that ground transportation could be done better. By combining the latest technologies with traditional customer service values, we disrupted the industry (before disrupting industries had even become a thing). Our iconic black cars have been on the road ever since. We are headquartered in London, United Kingdom and have offices in Hong Kong and USA. In addition, we are supported by affiliates and our services are now available in 100 cities worldwide through our app and carry out over 10 million journeys each year in London alone.

  • Our service doesn’t stop at people. Over 300 vans, 90 motorcycles and 35 cycles move your parcels and packages with the same immaculate service you’d expect from our cars.
  • We have over 1600 employees within the Group in addition to approximately 5000 drivers who are engaged through our supply chain.
  • Our vision is to be the world’s premium brand ground transportation service or our customers.
  • To support our vision, we aim to provide an environment for employees and partners where they are respected, valued and supported.
  • We work with likeminded partners and suppliers whose values and ethos align with our own.
  • Our Employees

There are many aspects of our culture that makes up our unique environment. Maintaining and strengthening our culture is part of our everyday working life and underpins much of our corporate policy. We strive to create an enjoyable and safe environment where our staff can excel. We recognise our staff as our most important asset and employee welfare is a key objective that is linked to the company’s unique culture and values. We do not tolerate discrimination, abuse or harassment of any kind and we expect the same of our stakeholders’ groups including, but not limited to: customers, manufacturers, shareholders, suppliers and employees. All staff must adhere to our codes of conduct and company standards and policies.

We operate a thorough recruitment and selection process for all our hiring decisions. This includes obtaining documented proof of an individual’s right to work in the country in which they be employed. Should a concern arise we operate an open door communication policy and we also provide a protected disclosure facility should a staff member require confidentiality.

We always pay at least the minimum wage rate applicable.

Our Supply Chain

We only work with reputable suppliers, most of whom we have partnered with for many years and we take responsibility for ensuring our supply chains are clean of slave labour. This is managed through our ISO Management Systems and via our Procurement and Affiliates teams who are dedicated to managing trade and partner relationships.

Our commitment to preventing modern slavery is integrated into our staff and supplier operating principles and our policies are reviewed at least annually or more frequently if business needs determine and are communicated using our intranet and online training modules.

We will not work with a supplier before carrying out research into their business procedures and we ensure they are appropriately licensed to carry out the service that are providing. Spend commitments are subject to legal contracts and we do not pay cash for services.

In line with our commitment to the Modern Slavery Act we have added a clause to our risk register that specifically addresses this issue within our supply chain and we carry out bi-annual risk assessments across our business.

Our Activities to date & Future Plans

As part of risk management process, we have completed a risk assessment to consider any existing or future arrangements. This will remain an ongoing exercise.

We will introduce a new supplier compliance programme, enabling us to record the compliance of our suppliers and where appropriate, will review contractual terms and conditions.

We are reviewing our purchases to understand the nature of our suppliers. These include consultants and companies providing a wide range of goods and services to help us deliver our aims and objectives.

We are reviewing how we engage with new suppliers and will look to introduce a more robust onboarding procedure which considers Modern Slavery 2015 requirements.

We have created Supplier Operating Principles and communicated these to our suppliers and partners setting our expectations including adherence the suppliers should comply with all relevant legislation in the countries in which they operate and all relevant International Labour Organisation (ILO) conventions.

We will also, where appropriate and practical, visit our suppliers’ offices, both in the UK and abroad. This will help us to become familiar with how they operate and what safeguards they have in place to reduce, remove and prevent the use of slave or forced labour in their organisations and their supply chains.

We are reviewing our internal audit programme to ensure regular audits to check compliance with our policies and procedures and conducted and reported on to the Board.

We are making sure that our employees are aware of the Modern Slavery Act, of the definitions of slavery and human trafficking. This remains an ongoing exercise.

The Group maintain a commitment to preventing Modern Slavery and will continue to operate a zero-tolerance policy in this regard. In accordance with Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 this statement has detailed the actions taken during the financial year ending 2017/18.

This statement will be reviewed annually and its effectiveness will be measured in line with objectives.

The Board of the Addison Lee Group has approved this statement.