With Tristar’s service, your needs are paramount. Even if you’re with us only for a short transfer, we want you to feel completely relaxed, safe and beautifully looked after. Be it minutes or hours, we want you to love travelling with us.

We draw on over thirty years of service to give you a first class travel experience. Whether you’re transferring from or to a plane, train or ship, our service guarantees to meet you at the right time, in the right place.

Ready and waiting to greet you will be one of our trusted chauffeurs. These individuals are much more than a friendly face: Tristar’s chauffeurs are amongst the most experienced in the industry. Courteous, calm and attentive to the details of your itinerary, they are experts behind the wheel.

Our meticulous planning and attention to detail means your chauffeur will already know of any changes to your schedule, and will be waiting to whisk you off to your next destination.

From London to Lisbon, Marrakesh to Montreal: wherever you are in the world, Tristar will consistently deliver to the high standard you have come to expect from our service.

If you have a requirement or would like further information please contact us +44 (0)1895 432002 or email

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